COPP-DASH INSPIRED: Tino Villanueva & Alan Rousseau’s Himalayan First Ascent

From Black Diamond's Experience Blog:

At Black Diamond, we’re passionate about empowering climbers to not only push their limits in the mountains, but to also share their stories of inspiration when they come home. That’s why we sponsor the Copp-Dash Inspire Award. Established in the memory of Jonny Copp and Micah Dash—two leading alpinists, BD brothers and storytellers who lost their lives in the mountains in 2009—the award is a way to keep their vision alive. Tino Villanueva and Alan Rousseau, two IFMGA guides who have been climbing together for 10 years, were recently granted the award for an exploratory mission to the Indian Himalayas. The mountains, as usual, did not disappoint. What they found was a remote, unclimbed peak begging for a first ascent.

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